Men are Trying to Look More Masculine and This is How They’re Doing It

Have you tried to purchase penis enlargement tablets, creams or pumps and they have left you feeling disappointed?

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We have found that men are seeking age preventative treatments that keep them looking youthful and masculine. More men are seeking enhancements of signature masculine features such as:

  1. A defined, square chin and jaw
  2. Oval face and eyes
  3. Prominent cheek bones (medial > lateral)
  4. Thick and rugged horizontal brows
  5. Clear skin
  6. Full head of hair

Yes YOU CAN LOOK MORE MANLY with these treatments available at drsandymedicalspa!

In the past, only surgery was an option using customized implants to build the underlying anatomy and structure the male face.

However, with non surgical options such as soft tissue filler injections (eg hyaluronic acid, Bellafill), Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid) and stem cell and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, jaw and chin implants are becoming less commonplace.

Men desire a defined, square jaw but may not necessarily be ready for the commitment and cost of something permanent like a facial implant.

Soft tissue fillers and Sculptra have long been a go-to for men looking to enhance their features and fill wrinkles and folds in order to feel better about their appearance.
The goal is to ensure that his patients don’t walk out with that ‘done’ look. Nobody should look like they’ve had work done. Expertly placed filler to the chin, jawline, temples and upper cheeks can create a contoured, masculine facial structure on any male seeking a more striking look.

Now south african men have caught on… and they LOVE it!