Buttock Filler Training

Finally !!!

Dr. Sandy our very own Diplomat Medical Doctor in Aesthetics, Qualified through the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine would love to present this opportunity to all her fellow aesthetic Doctors.

The first buttock filler training course held in Johannesburg, South Africa will be held by our very own Dr. Sandy!

This course will highlight many factors that you were not previously trained to handle and as aesthetic doctors, we still practice under the Hippocratic oath of first do no harm, buying a product you are not entirely sure of how to use and it’s possible morbid side effects is negligent. Do join me in furthering your understanding of the body filler concept of its beauties and side effects.

Body fillers have not been included in the aesthetic pre-diploma syllabus but we not only find a high demand for it from our clients with breasts and buttocks enlargement requests but also manny body fillers on the market, previously body fillers were only available abroad but now the South African Market has created a way for us to bypass the MCC misdirected concerns when importing. (Distributors to be taught during the course)

Aesthetics allows us to give the client enhancements without the downtime of surgery, let’s not limit it to only the face and decolletage. See you soon 😘💌

For accommodation options, if you’re an international visitor please contact Sr Sheila on 07957294680115682328 Payment details to be emailed to individuals requiring one on one sessions on their requested date. Group sessions have set dates.