Frequently Asked Questions

We often get the same questions about fillers, anesthesia or glutathione. To answer your quesitons we have written down basic information about the products and procedures that we use and do. If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask any questions on the form below or send us a message on 079 572 9468

What are dermal fillers?
What type of dermal fillers are there?
What are dermal fillers used for?
What are the side effects?
What are threads?
What are they made of?
What are the well known brands?
How do they work?
What are the side effects?
What is fat removal?
What are fat removal products used for?
What are the types of fat dissolvers?
What are the ingredients?
What are the side effects?
What is Glutathione?
How long does it take to see the initial results?
Why does glutathione have different effects on other people?
Are there any harmful side effects?
What makes L-Glutathione different compared to other whitening pills/capsules?
Are the whitening effects of the Glutathione permanent? Will my skin tone go back to its original colour once I stop using it?
In regards to the exposure of sunlight, will it affect the whitening process?
I am very dark and I just want to improve my skin tone, will Glutathione make me white?
Is L-Glutathione safe for young adults (teenagers)?
Is it true from what I’ve heard that whitening of the hair is a side effect in taking these whitening capsules (L-glutathione)?
Is it much better to take Glutathione with an empty stomach or should I eat my meal first before taking it?
Is it FDA or BFAD approved?
What are anaesthetics agents?
What are they made off?
What are popular anaesthetics brands
How do they work?
What are skincare products?
Why use these products?
What are the types of skincare products?
What are the side effects?
Cosmetic treatments during pregnancy?

Any More Questions?