Meet the team

Dr. Sandy
Aesthetics - MBChB
Dr. Sandy is a board certified Aesthetic Doctor by the American Academy Aesthetic of Medicine , Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She has dedicated the last seven years...
Dr. Mbongeni
Aesthetics -
Dr. Mbogeni is certified in Obstetrics and Gynaecology with over 30 years of experience working in the biggest hospitals of Africa. We are blessed to have him...
Sr. Sheila
Clients, Nurse -
The happy face of our medical spa. Sr. Sheila deals with all our patients bookings and accounts. She is very professional and loves speaking to all our clients and we could't...
Mr. Mthembu
General -
Mr W. Mthembu is our resourceful consultant. A successful graduate from one of the most rated Varsities, Pittsburgh University in New York, USA.
Mr. Gordon Valadon
General - Driver
Gordon is our driver and he know the streets of Johannesburg like the back of his hand. He picks up products from our suppliers and delivers the orders from the online web shop...
Mr. Joost Pielage
Marketing - BSc
Joost is our Marketing manager and in charge of our online web shop and sales channels...