Skin Brightening

Do you often wonder how these celebrities and slay queens keep getting more fair in their skin tone Without looking like they have bleached their skin?

Or have you started the skin lightening process but can’t figure out how to fix those dark knuckles, elbows, knees, armpits and feet?

You’ve come to the right place !

Drsandymedicalspa is proud to introduce to You a glutathione package specially formulated to effectively give YOU that skin glow you so desperately seek and freedom from layers of make up to hide the hideous pigmentation marks?

The inner layer of the skin called dermis and the outer surface which is visible in our eyes is the epidermis.

The primary determinant of variability in human skin color is the melanin in the skin and melanocyte is a cell that synthesizes it.

L-glutathione, the whitening pill’s main component, is a MASTER ANTIOXIDANT that has been found to have anti melanocytic properties.

There are certain kinds of compounds that inhibits the tyrosinase activity and L-glutathione is one of them.

The oral, topical and intravenous use of Reduced Glutathione(L-glutathione) inhibits the tyrosinase activity.

Once the tyrosinase activity has been inhibited the metabolic pathway then reverses its course going to the synthesis of light pigmented melanin called Phaeomelanin instead of synthesizing dark pigmented melanin called Eumelanin.

The cycle continously flow as long as the presence of L-glutathione co-exist in the metabolic pathway of melanin. Finally, light skin will reveal to the surface gradually changing your complexion.





As an anti-oxidant/ anti-aging medication: glutathione’s recommended dosage is 40mg. per Kg. BW (body weight) per day divided into two doses. As a whitening capsule: glutathione s recommended dosage is between 40 and 60mg. per Kg. BW (body weight) per day divided into two doses.




  • medium brown: 1-3 months
  • dark brown skin: 3-6 months
  • very dark skin: 6-12 months.
  • black skin: at least 2 years or even more
  • Once a person has her desired skin color, the maintenance dose is administered daily

Glutathione is not only great for skin brightening but for skin repair from tears, cuts as well as bruises .

Glutathione has remarkable effects on the immune system and memory function.

A person taking L glutathione should take Vitamin C two times more than the dose of L Glutathione.

Why is Vitamin C needed? This is to keep L Glutathione in its absorbable or reduced form.

This will release the potential of Vitamin C s derivatives whitening properties.

L Glutathione has no known side effects or interactions even if given orally in prolonged use aside from decreased Zinc levels, which Dr Sandy has cleverly made provision for .


  • One weekly IV drip Glutathione unit desired skin tone is achieved there after maintenance drips are required.
  • Twice daily application of Glutathione cream
  • Daily intake of Glutathione tablets

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