Non surgical BBL using fillers

Do you find yourself wondering how suddenly every celeb or socialite has a bigger , fuller more attractive ass?

It’s no secret that the popularity of Brazilian butt lifts is on the rise. According to 2015 American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there was a 28% increase in Brazilian butt lifts performed from 2014 to 2015, and a buttock enlargement procedure was performed on average every 30 minutes of every day!

Dr Sandy was training and researching in Nevada , Las Vegas ,USA on how to safely and correctly perform the BBL WITHOUT SURGERY !! She only uses FDA approved fillers, NO CEMENT, NO HYDROGEL AND NO SILICONE

Buttock augmentation was previously only a surgical procedure using implants or fat transfer from liposuction but Dr Sandy has now pioneered a way to give all her clients a perkier, youthful, more curvaceous buttocks and a more sensual body profile WITHOUT GOING UNDER THE KNIFE!

This method is far more superior to the fat transfer for the following reasons :

  1. There are no post OP garments that you need to wear everyday
  2. Bleeding (hematoma)
  3. Infection
  4. Poor wound healing
  5. Fluid accumulation (seroma)
  6. Numbness or other changes in skin sensation
  7. Fatty tissue under the skin might die (fat necrosis) which means you’ll probably have a smaller ass by the time you recover
  8. Pain, which may persist
  9. Recurrent looseness of skin
  10. Skin discoloration and/or prolonged swelling
  11. Asymmetries
  12. Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
  13. Possible need for revisionary surgery
  14. Skin loss
  15. Sutures may spontaneously surface through the skin, become visible or produce irritation and require removal
  16. Unfavourable scarring
  17. No risk of pain killers dependence to get through recovery.

Dr Sandy’s non surgical BBL is an ideal treatment for people who don’t have enough fat for liposuction and fat transfer BBL

The fillers that Dr Sandy uses fillers will last anywhere between 18 months to FIVE years depending on the filler that you choose.

This non invasive but effective procedure can be done during your lunch break and has no down time, you can get back to your daily routine right away.

Price may vary depending on body habitus and desired results. Please call or Whatsapp us for more information 0795729468 / 0110397748 Sr Sheila / Lola

Weekend bubble butt

This is another great option for people who are looking to look good for a special occasion.

Do you have a great event coming up this weekend?

Want to really rock that dress/skirt /pants?

BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE with a big bubble butt!

Dr Sandy Medical Spa is the first in South Africa to introduce the newest trend from America, temporary buttock injections!

We will get you to look fabulous from the front and the back. These temporary buttock injections last 2 to 3 days (weekend special) and then they are naturally reabsorbed in to your body, because we are only injecting a natural temporary substance.

We are also offering these injections to clients considering 5 year fillers, so they know what they are getting themselves into.