Fillers are used to correct certain parts in the face or to emphasize facial features even more. Fillers are very popular due to the low impact nature and the result is immediately visible after the procedure. Fillers stay from 6 months up to two years, depending on the place of injection, after that it is broken down naturally by the body*.

We provide fillers for the the following areas: hands, lips, buttocks, tear troughs, nose jawlines and cheeks. But we also do penis enlargement and the HIV facial corrections. There are different kind of fillers one the market to suit each body part.

Before we can can start your treatment our specialists will have an extensive consult with you to determine what the best plan of approach is. After this we will be able to quote you an exact price because the amount of filler that we need for your procedure will have an impact on the price.

Hand fillers
Buttocks fillers
Tear troughs fillers
Nose correction
HIV correction
Penis enlargement

* Disclaimer: “Actual results may vary from patient to patient. The information is not suited or intended to be a replacement for professional medical advice or treatment. The images used on this website are licensed stock photography that feature models. These models have no affiliation with Dr Sandy Medical Spa and the images are included for illustrative purposes only. They should not be understood to be an example or guarantee of any particular outcome for any individual patient”