IV Therapy

IV therapy is used to supply the body with essential vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. A vitamin cocktail drip is administered directly into the bloodstream in order to correct nutrient deficiencies that maybe negatively affecting your body’s balance and in turn negatively affecting the appearance of your skin. IV drips are far more superior to oral supplementation because it is directly taken up by your bloodstream.  If you want we can add glutathione to brighten or lighten you skin click here to read more about it.

Drips on offer


A surge of energy from a balanced treatment of B-complex, extra vitamin B5 and B12, vitmin C and glutathione.



Vitamin-packed relief from anxiety and depression, with a full array of B-vitamins and magnesium to fuel your brain.




Support hormone balance and egg quality through nutrients such as B-vitamins and folate, and antioxidant therapy.




Enhance detoxification with antioxidants and liver support. An ideal treatment to boost any detox or cleanse.




Take care of your migraine, cluster or tension headache in a safe and healthy way. Magnesium provides quick relief.




Calm over-firing adrenals and provide a boost of recovery by nourishing your adrenals with B-vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium



Rehydrate and resolve nausea, fatigue and headaches for quick relief.




Protect cells against the damaging effects for free radicals. This is essential for liver detoxification.




Speed your recovery from surgery, athletic injury, wound healing, and malabsorption conditions with nutrients, antioxidants and amino acids.


Vitamin C

Supportive cancer treatment and effective for chronic injections, post viral fatigue and lyme disease treatment.